About Us

Established in 2007, Grafico was a dream turned into a reality by Emanuel Pires, a graphic designer/web developer in Toronto. Being creative has always been his passion. After finishing his degree in Architecture at the University of Toronto, he is now using his creativity in the world of graphic design.

Communicating through design is the way in which Grafico approaches each and every project. We create a visual representation of your idea/company combining images and words. Based on your needs and budget, Grafico can create the brochure, website, videos or other communications media that best suit your need while adhering to a defined budget. Grafico's flaming 'O' embodies the passion and spirit needed to create original pieces which help in effectively communicating with your audience.

Our Goals

Ability to Work on a Budget

Limited resources does not mean substandard work. We make sure that all pieces are created at a high quality level.

In some cases, a different form of design or combination of resources can actually save you money (i.e. creating one unifying brochure as opposed to two different ones; one brochure may be able to serve both audiences).

We Get Results

We make sure that any design or communication piece is vetted and attains the goals initially set out by the client.

Non-Profit Experience

We have been working with non-profit agencies for almost 5 years.

Creativity is Key

We bring innovative approaches to all of our work. If it needs to be a custom look or shape, we will do it.

A Deal is a Deal

We deliver what we promise.

We make things happen - we do not make excuses. The only surprises that clients can expect are pleasant ones.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are flexible based on the amount of projects, type and timeline.

We work efficiently and find creative solutions to keep costs down.

Great Printers

We have a relationship with some great printers which allows for quality work and a quick turnaround.


My Latest Work

Contact Information


Don't hesitate to contact Grafico for any project. Nothing is too big or too small. Please e-mail us with details on the project that you are requesting and we will send you a quote within 24 hours. Projects are done in accordance with the billing practices of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario.

Emanuel Pires