Print Portfolio

Working with great printers and having a grasp of what is needed to make an effective design, Grafico provides quick service and detailed work to help your product, business or non-profit agency stand out.


Save the Children

Save the children needed some new artwork following their brand standards and images to help create some impactful designs. Included in the work below you will see various brochures and other materials to help with their cause for support.

CMIC Logo.jpg

Catholic Missions In Canada

Catholic Missions In Canada are a non-profit that helps provide funds to missionaries across Canada. With that in mind, we created lines across the bottom of the banners to help anchor the banners and showcase how the missionaries move outward to help in their missions. We then use their brand colours to help with the remaining elements.


Rebranding of Bayview Eyecare

Bayview Eye Care needed a new logo design, letterhead and materials for the office. We provided them with a new sleek look, a brand identity and helped them find the perfect printer for their project.